Senior Pastor
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Pastor Lackey serves faithfully as the Pastor
of the Antioch Baptist Church, located at
1010 Mill Street in Gainesville, Georgia.
Prior to Coming to Antioch, he served as
Pastor of the Browns Hill Baptist Church
in Monroe, Georgia.

A Native Of Monroe, Pastor Lackey is a
graduate of the Monroe Area High School.
After completing high school, he served
his country by enlisting in the United States
Air Force and was honorably discharged as a
Non-Commissioned Officer.

Pastor Lackey received his Associate of
Arts and Bachelor of Arts Degrees from
the Beulah Heights Bible College
Atlanta, Georgia.  Pastor Lackey has taken graduate courses at the ITC in Atlanta, Georgia
Pastor Lackey began preaching the Gospel at the age
of twenty-eight and started his Pastoral Ministry
at age thirty.

Upon arriving at the Antioch Baptist Church, the Membership has grown to over 600 members, a complete renovation and addition to the existing church facilities has completed.  Pastor Lackey has implemented
various enhancements and the formation of new ministries at Antioch.

Pastor Lackey is currently serving as Moderator of The Greater Northwestern Baptist Association of GA, Inc.

Under the leadership of Pastor Lackey, Antioch is striving to become the standard for stewardship within
the community of Gainesville, Georgia.

He is married to the lovely Sonya I. Lackey, who is his life long soul mate.  They are the proud parents of three sons:Rafael, Rodney Jr., and Ryan; and they have one granddaughter.

Welcome To
Gainesville, GA